Partnering for a Winning Web Presence

For most small and medium sized businesses, outsourcing your internet marketing is a necessity, not an option. But with each passing year of internet maturation, the process becomes incrementally more complex. We have found that the clients who are more interested in partnering with us, versus those who choose to “set it and forget it” are the ones keeping up with the pack. An online marketing partnership and a commitment to collaboration is a powerful, winning combination.

Today’s internet process looks very different from the one used just five years ago. Very often, now, we see clients embarking on their second and even third generation web site. We see them flogging themselves in the social world… haggard and harried… the only thing that is certain is that there is not enough time in the day to get it all done.

Instead, now, we help clients map out a plan that compartmentalizes all of the components necessary to compete effectively. This breaks down all of the tasks into bite-sized pieces more easily completed. We wrap our teamwork around a monthly conference call. Here is what these regular meetings consist of:

  • Once a month phone call reviews the previous months’ effort and puts everyone on track for the next 30 days
  • Ongoing review of existing web site to find ways to include new and further content as well as planning for any big changes in the future (ie. New web site)
  • Blog set up and creation of an editorial calendar
  • Pay per click review and refinement
  • Video and photography assessment and planning
  • Social Media review and planning
  • New initiatives
At the close of a call like this, everyone on the team knows what is expected of them. Nobody has to carry more of a load than they can bear. If some element falls short because our human capital is lacking, it is easy to reset and reassign the following month. This way things don’t fall through the cracks.
All of these online marketing components work together in concert. One builds on the other. When a team tackles the challenges, the potential for success is exponential!
If you are already a client and not taking full advantage of our services, this is your formal invitation! If you are not yet a client, make plans to have an investigatory call with us before you begin to make changes in your future plans.

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David Tucker: Search Engine Optimization, Link Building Strategies, Off-Page SEO, Brand and Reputation Management Campaigns, Structural Analysis, and Analytics Consultant. Fighting the good fight against the search engines since InfoSeek and Alta Vista were the top Internet search portals. David has a strong background in technical, design, and hosting related issues. This provides RightNow clients with a layer of SEO that most organizations can not offer. In addition to SEO work, David has developed the RightNow online client reporting system, public website, email and auto-responder system, and the development + branding of the RightNow social media channels. When not working you can find David enjoying the outdoors in Maui, Hawaii

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