Search Showdown… Lets Get Ready to Rumble!

So… a lot of people are asking lately, can Facebook unseat Google in search. At first, I laughed and laughed and laughed. And then I realized it was actually possible. Here are my reasons:

  • Facebook IS the internet for millions and millions of people. Instead of going to search for things, people can be very happy having things brought to them.
  • Google is so busy trying to make all of the money in the world and has become such a behemoth that it actually seems to have lost focus for what was once it’s primary business.
  • People like to fit in and do what others are doing. Searching for what is “right” may trump finding something new.
  • Given the recent history of American corporations, Facebook is on the front of the “bell curve” and Google is on the back.
  • Google has had a very hard time gaining traction in the social world with their Plus

We’ve signed up to be part of the Beta of the Facebook’s Graph Search. As a search optimization  and internet marketing company, we want to look under the hood, kick the tires and take her for a spin around the block!

Not entirely knowing what it is going to be capable of has me worried about spam. Most of the competition in organic “original” search went by the wayside because they couldn’t control spam. Google has fought a long and protracted war against spam and is winning and in so doing have created a fairly whitewashed view of the web itself.

I’m really holding my breath on the whole thing because… well… have you tried to search for anything on Facebook? Even the easiest of searches turns up the oddest of things. They’ve partnered in some way with Microsoft which explains this to some degree.

Ok, not throwing out any more hyperbole or rhetoric on this subject until we actually get to test drive it, which i hope is soon!

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