Here a Position, There a Position

Whenever I tell someone that we are “blogging for SEO purposes,” it is received a with a blank stare. People seem to know what SEO is and they seem to know what blogging is. But when you put them together it sends them down a slippery slope. So, I thought I would give some tips here to make the going easier.

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is the fine art/science of creating content that search engines can index and rank. Once your existing website has been optimized, you have reached the starting line of an SEO effort, not the finish. Especially in today’s Googleworld, it is imperative that you create a process for the creation and delivery of fresh, new content to your web site on a regular basis. A blog is the easiest way to do this. The key is that fresh, new and unique content means you have to come up with sentences about a subject that have not already been used to push the SEO needle in a positive direction.

  • Create a list of potential story themes based on search terms you would like to score highly for that you do not already
  • Create a publication schedule. At a bare minimum, an SEO blogging initiative should publish four stories a month
  • Assign writing duties. Preferably it is best to get several people involved to create different points of view
  • You may not cut and paste information from other web sites. The goal is to deliver completely unique stories.
  • Spend as much time researching as you do writing. Posts should be at least 350 words but more is better.
  • Create optimized meta data that support the theme of the story and the goals of the process.

In just one year you will have created at least 52 pages with this method. If your site had 100 pages to begin with, I think you can see how this expands the possibility of your site being found for more search terms in year two than in year one. This is why blogging for SEO is so important. Many web site owners blog these days. But very few do it for SEO purposes. Still fewer do it right. This is how it all works.

In our efforts with our clients we wear many hats. In some instances we are working as part of a team and more in an editing position making sure all stories are optimized for search. In other cases, we hire and direct a writing team and provide the optimization for each post. In yet, other cases, we write the story, optimize it and publish for the client completely turn-key. No matter how you are going to approach it, the most important is to get started!

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