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With nearly twenty clients tasking us to provide social media marketing services we probably can now proclaim that we are experts or gurus or some such thing… Truth is, you really have to experiment to find out what works for your business. There is no cookie cutter method to having success marketing your business through social media!



One thing is for certain, working the social marketing scene is not easy:

  • First you need to create an audience. Getting the audience to connect and engage with you is a lonely job. When the audience is small it can be downright depressing. No matter how big your business is, until you reach a few thousand people in your audience you have to count every single engagement as some form of success… because they are few and far between.
  • Unlike you, yourself, a business has to follow a certain protocol. Walk the line of political correctness. Do not be controversial. Unless, of course, your business is already controversial.
  • It’s not all about your business. If you want to hear crickets just talk abut yourself all the time.
  • Content curation is time consuming. Finding things to show and share does not come easy. You need to really think through your process and map out what you are going to do over the course of a week so you get a good mix of information that your audience will find valuable.
  • Timing is everything. The social world does not wait for you to have the time. Like waves upon the beach, every day begins a new social cycle that reaches a crescendo around 3pm. But its not a hard and fast rule. A flower shop may need to get the word out about daffodils in the morning! Additionally, evenings and weekends can be a gold mine for connecting with some audiences… especially the casual audience who might only check in once a day or once a week.

Recently, though, we have stumbled into what we feel is the holy grail for business social marketing. Getting people to share your content is the big score. At first you will be happy to just see a like. Then comes comments… Some will be snarky and some will be sweet. Respect them all! When you hit a home run though, will be when your post gets shared by a lot of people. This became apparent to us a couple weeks ago when we had a post go viral through sharing. It ultimately had over 10,000 post views!

In the “old days” it was all about impressions. In the world of social marketing that is probably more true today than back then! Every move we make in the social world now includes introspection; is this shareable content or not?

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