Getting the Most out of Your Web Site

The premise of this series is that your small business can have a better presence on the web by hiring professional consultants who work with you and your team instead of trying to tackle it all yourself. In the last post, we laid out some basic tips for conceiving, developing and maintaining your web site. Now, it’s time to tune up the web pages you created with optimization.

Just having a web site will not create the success you are looking for on the internet. This is more true today than ever before. Competition on the web is hot. The good news is 90% of your competition is wallowing around in one way or another. Very few put together a complete and holistic approach to their web marketing plan. This is because they go it alone, thinking it is a less expensive way to go. They waste a lot of time and money on nonproductive activities. After building your site, it’s time to optimize it. This is a process, not event and is something that is continuously revisited, year in and year out.

Search Engine Optimization : When people think of web site optimization, they usually think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This art/science is an important step to take for your web site to be found when people search on search engines for what it is you offer. The single most important reason to hire an SEO specialist is that the world of search is changing every day. Secondly, there are more myths about what creates a top ranking web site than truths. It is a full time job keeping up with these two aspects alone.

User Optimization : After your web site has been built and optimized for search, a steady flow of new visitors will be arriving at your site. An analysis of what the traffic is doing can help you determine just how “user friendly” your site is. The more complicated it is to explain what it is you offer and/or the more diverse your offering is can create usability issues. If the data analysis points towards problems, it may be important to have a focus group dig into it deeper. These are tasks only a specialized consultant can perform. If you are selling products directly online, putting a usability study together should be mandatory.

Conversion Optimization : You’ve brought them to the site and optimized their experience to flow smoothly but are your visitors doing what you want them to do? The final piece of optimization to perform on your site is conversion analysis. For some sites, the conversion goal is the capture of a name and email address. For others it will be long-form information requests. If you are selling directly online, the conversion is probably a sale. A certain percentage of visitors need to convert for the web effort to be successful. Before you can put the marketing plan into action, you need to be as sure as you can that an acceptable level of conversion will occur.

Some small businesses will optimize one way or another, while others won’t do any of it correctly. Those who perform all three have significant advantages and consultants who work in these disciplines are highly motivated to tackle your specific challenges.


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