Building Your Internet Marketing Plan

Once you have built your initial website and optimized it for best results it’s time to put your internet marketing plan into place. For many businesses, an initial internet marketing plan has to be funded from the general marketing and advertising budget. This can be very painful at first. Satisfactory results achieved in the first year will allow your new sales channel to become self sufficient in time.

Newsletter a.k.a. email marketing is a tried and true method of proactively communicating with your audience. It’s one of the few ways you can push a message out which is an important aspect of your future success. Hopefully, this strategy began back at the site optimization level when you designed a way and an incentive for people to sign up for news, special offers, prizes, etc. The basic objective of an outreach like a newsletter is to get the person to come back to your site again and again. Plan on starting with a quarterly publication schedule. There are many email programs in the marketplace. Constant Contact is certainly one of the most popular. But in many instances your industry or association may have a preferred or bolted-on vendor already in place. You will be taking the email address/names you collect and be regularly dumping them into the mailing software. We have found it is easiest to write the newsletter throughout the quarter instead of under a deadline.

Pay Per Click Advertising is a basic building block of an internet marketing plan. We recommend it as part of what we do for clients in every proposal because it gets a steady stream of visitors to your site in a quick and orderly way. Google AdWords is the juggernaut of this advertising channel. For many businesses it will be where the bulk of the advertising budget will be spent. But in some instances, especially in b to b  channels there may be other niche opportunities to pursue. The Google platform will be daunting for any first time user but it certainly can be accomplished. You have to decide where your time is best spent and compare that to what the cost of having a professional handle it for you.

Directory Advertising varies according to industry. But there are several to consider no matter what you might do. In many industries this will be the step where you consider third-party reseller programs. That may mean Amazon for a gift seller and Travelocity for a bed and breakfast. If you haven’t considered joining the local Chamber of Commerce and they have a strong internet presence with a good online program it could be the time to join.

Banner Advertising is not limited to big national buys. For most small businesses what Google offers and if you are working a local market, your local media will be as far as you need to go. This strategy can work very well for some types of business and not for others.

Tracking Visitors and analyzation of the data can provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. Google provides Analytics which has mind boggling data mining capabilities. When you work with most professional internet marketing agencies, much of the strategizing going forward will be based on a keen understanding of the visitor, including how they arrived, where they went and how and why they left.

The marketing of a website is not a” set it and forget it” kind of thing. There are things to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to be efficient and moving in a forward progression.


  1. First It is important to know if my website is worth for SEO/SMM and the corrective steps to make sure it will be. How can I know that? Can you shed any idea?

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