Social Media is Not an Option

In three previous posts we have worked our way through the basic steps of setting up shop  online and keeping it all running smoothly. With all of that in place we can now begin to work proactively. Social media is the next step. It begins with the development of pages at the various social portals. Our company provides management services for Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. But there may be others that are important to your particular industry. Social Media is a great place to employ teamwork to accomplish all that has to happen consistently, which I will cover below.

Build it Right – There are wrong ways to build Social Media pages and right ways. In the case of Google+ it may even affect your search rankings! Make sure you fully understand what you are doing or hire it out. Some of the actions taken on these massive platforms are irreversible. So, it is important to build it right the first time.

Audience Building – By far, the most tedious and slow paced activity is also the most important task that must be carried out to grow a social presence. As a consultancy, we spend 20% of our time posting on social media and 80% of our time in audience building mode. If you want to learn how and why the online social phenomena works the way it does, get involved in audience building. One way to boost your audience is through giveaways and sweepstakes. This is how the giant brands gain the huge numbers they do. The caution here is to understand that someone who “likes” your page because you gave something away does not necessarily equate into a buyer of your products or services later. It does help to get the numbers rolling though! Suffice to say, social media marketing is a numbers game, entirely.

Engagement is the holy grail of social media marketing. When you post, it gets liked and shared and commented on all day long. Without a graphic accompanying the message it will probably drop like a thud though… no matter how witty. One thing is for certain, traditional advertising messages are out of the question. Instead, we take on a slow dance strategy. At the ready to give assistance and apologize for a mistake. Always in the relentless pursuit to find gems of information relevant to our audience! Did I mention you have to be patient? We have found that below 1000 in audience size, 1 post a day is sufficient on Facebook and Google+. A good Twitter rate is 3-5 posts a day. The whole process works better in a team atmosphere. We provide a baseline of daily posts to keep everything consistent and fresh. You deliver the treats! Fresh content from the source, naturally, when you have it.

Social Media Marketing is here to stay. So, it makes sense to get to understand it and figure out how it can work for your business. It’s not a one-size-fits-all and it is not going to “save” your business. It is just, yet, another way to be in the marketplace. Not unlike setting up various mall locations in the brick and mortar world.


  1.' Ian Cleary says

    You’re right about sweepstakes and give aways, that’s what gets the high numbers. The important thing is to ensure that you don’t just give a way ipads. You want to give away something relevant to your potential customers. For example, a golf club running a sweepstakes for a free round of golf is great because they will only get golfers applying!

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