Why Small Business Can’t Afford to Market on the Internet

For the sake of argument, lets say you could actually hire a competent internet marketer to help your business be prominent on the internet in your market for $40,000 a year. As a business owner, you know the actual cost of that new employee will be closer to $55k. The problem with this scenario is that these people are nearly impossible to come by; half techy, half marketer. If you do find one, how long will they stay with that talent? Then what?

The task list for this “other worldly” staff includes:

  • Web Development and associated maintenance / backup, etc
  • Web Page Optimization for use, search and conversion
  • Basic Internet Marketing with an associated advertising budget
  • Social Medica set up, audience build and consistent engagement building practices
  • Content Development through blogging, photography and video

Each one of these tasks requires specific knowledge and experience for your business to compete successfully. Its not a great place for trial and error…

There is good news in this story though! You can have professional services involving highly skilled specialists for less than the price of that one-in-a-million employee. If you lose one of the professional team your web work is not thrown into chaos (again). Instead, you direct a team of consultants and staff to accomplish the myriad of tasks necessary to not only compete, but win!

Don’t worry. There will be plenty of things for you to do that will involve you in this important process of business today without it interfering with everything else you already do! This is the first post in a series to help you align your business to this new way of working. In subsequent posts we will delve into each of those five disciplines and break down all the components that must be addressed.


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