Social Bookmarking-Help Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

Part One: Social Bookmarking-Help Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

Have you voted for your web site yet?

You can help your sites performance in the major search engines by getting involved via the social bookmarking sites.  The major players in search (Google, Yahoo) count the links from these popular communities as “back links” to your website.  These links tend to improve your sites ranking because they are viewed as “natural” and are “keyword rich” with descriptive text.

Participants in the Netrafic link building program have a head start on this, as we add your website to over 20 social bookmarking, social news and and social search sites.  This is a great start, but with social bookmarking, more IS better!  Think of “bookmarks” as “votes” – Netrafic can only vote for your site a few times.

Here is a homework assignment to help your site become a social butterfly.  Assign this task to your team members and employees – it takes 15-20 minutes to complete.

Do not have your group create accounts with the company email.  Do not have your group bookmark from the company computer network.  Choose the most relevant Category for your site.  Use 4-7 keywords (tags) for each submission.  Your description only needs to be 1-2 sentences.  Some sites offer to make your bookmark either “private” or “public” – always choose public!  Some sites ask you to rate the site (1-5 stars) Rate It!

Here are the sites we are going to use.  Go to each one and sign-up for an account, then bookmark your website.

Delicious – – the process starts by clicking the “post” button on the website. 

Furl – – the process starts by clicking the “save” button on the website. 

Reddit – – The process starts by clicking the “submit” button on the website. 

Blinklist – – After signing up, keep hitting “skip” to avoid all the advertising.  The process starts by clicking the “blink” button. 

Magnolia – – After signing up add your url to the “add url” box. 

StumbleUpon – – you need to download the toolbar, navigate to your site, and click the “thumbs up” button.  Click on the toolbar “quote bubble” to add keywords and reviews. 

This is a great start!  If you are need assistance, find someone under the age of 25 to walk you through the process.

Extra Credit Assignment:

Attack the social scene by hitting every site on the net.  This Social Marker service lets you work through all social sites.  Grab a bottle of wine!

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