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Part Two: Social Marketing -Social Content Sites

In last months article we covered Social Bookmarking to help increase your websites presence in alternate search portals, and boost your rankings in the search engines.  Hopefully you organized your team, family and friends to go out a vote for your site.  If not, the polls are still open 24/7 so make a plan to get it done!

This month we will cover Social Content websites that let you create a web page on your company, subject or better yet, both!  Social Content websites are similar to an off-site blog.  They allow you to sign-up for free, create web pages, add content and media, rss feeds from your site or blog, and socialized media from other networks like YouTube and Flickr.

Understand that these Social Content sites are in business to make money.  When you create a page they add some advertising units such a Google Ads to your page.  To make the relationship work, they share the revenue generated from the pages you create with you, the publisher.  Some sites will let you set the number of advertising modules that appear on your page.

So, that’s the bad news!  The good news is this; These pages can perform in the search engines and deliver traffic, displace weak competitors for your target search terms, and provide another link back to your site helping your overall search rankings.

Participants in the Netrafic Linking Program already have pages on these Social Networks being created that benefit them.  My primary motivation is for the linking value these pages generate, and if any traffic floats your way – great!  I create the pages by subject matter, so that I can add several links back to different websites.

Lets take a look at one of these pages so that you can understand the value of Social Content pages.  The following page is about a vacation destination in Mexico.

Here are the three value centers:

Traffic – This page comes up for the search term “Cabo Pulmo Baja Mexico” on the front page of Google, leading potential visitors back to the client.  Notice that the clients site, and a YouTube video come up for the search term also, covering 3 front page positions in Google – that’s good Socialization on the web!

Link Value – The links inside this page helps the main website perform for their intended search terms, like “cabo pulmo vacation rentals”

Displacement – If you look on the second page of Google for the search term “Cabo Pulmo Baja Mexico” you will see qualified websites that have been “displaced” – natural search is “survival of the fittest!”

Here is a quick “how to” guide to create your own Social Content sites.

Creation – create your free account, and decide if you want to write on your general subject, or specific business.  It is good practice to do both.  Any Netrafic customers can contact me for help regardless of participation in the Linking Program.

Content – you must develop around 1000 words of unique content to populate your first page.  For subsequent pages, you can re-write the content and reorganize.

Media – Add any/all of the videos you have on YouTube to your page.  You can drop you Flickr photo stream directly into these pages.  You can also upload directly to the site, but if you have been paying attention to my advice, you surly have a Flickr and YouTube account with some media…

SEO – Each Content website is unique in the way it needs to be optimized.  If you have a page up, feel free to contact us to help groom the page.

Good Places to start:

Real Estate –

Travel –

The goal is to get multiple web resources working for your business that lead searchers back to your site, in addition to supporting your main site in search.  Go out and get some!

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