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Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing
SEO + SMM = $$!

There is an avalanche of social media content hitting the web everyday. The numbers are staggering; almost one million blog posts hit the web every day, over 500 million FaceBook users, and there are a mind-blowing 90 million Tweets per day! YouTube states that 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute of the day, and 2 billion videos are viewed every day. That’s Billion with a B!

So what chance does your Social Media Marketing (SMM) effort have of making any impact on your bottom line and online presence? The answer is ZERO if you don’t have a strategy! Fantastic Social Media content is released every day, only to disappear into the Internet void, never to be viewed or deliver visitors to the content creators website. The truth is that no matter how sticky your content is, people still need to find it. People search – in the search engines, in the social channels, in your blog, and on your website. People search using predictable patterns, and the machines deliver results that use a formula to deliver the best match’s first.

SEO is all about crafting the message to match the predicted search query.

SMM Optimization needs to be an integrated part of your Social Content strategy. The same SEO grooming tactics that help promote your website pages to the top of the search engine rankings need to be applied to your Social Media campaign. Keyword research, link building, great content, eye-catching keyword-rich titles, message delivery and conversion method all need to be considered to achieve success. Many Social Content releases combine multiple Social Media elements, creating layers of optimization opportunities. Examples like Blog posts with video, Tweets with links, Articles with downloads – all of these elements need to be optimized individually at the source, and the release point.

The good news – all of this is a natural extension of the Organic Search Engine Optimization that RightNow Communications has been engaged in for over a decade. The same “best practices” (research based) approach we use on your website can be applied to your Social Media. Give us a ring to find out how we can help you engage more effectively. We offer coaching and consulting services, and complete turn-key Social Media campaigns. Our Social Media reporting system delivers progress reports and marketing metrics to assist your organization in measuring results and ROI.

About David

David Tucker: Search Engine Optimization, Link Building Strategies, Off-Page SEO, Brand and Reputation Management Campaigns, Structural Analysis, and Analytics Consultant. Fighting the good fight against the search engines since InfoSeek and Alta Vista were the top Internet search portals. David has a strong background in technical, design, and hosting related issues. This provides RightNow clients with a layer of SEO that most organizations can not offer. In addition to SEO work, David has developed the RightNow online client reporting system, public website, email and auto-responder system, and the development + branding of the RightNow social media channels. When not working you can find David enjoying the outdoors in Maui, Hawaii


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    Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are both essential in online business.Great post!Thanks!

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