Social Media is Now an SEO Ranking Factor

Links back to your website from social media and bookmarking sites have always contributed to your website’s organic SEO strength. Now the Search Engines have confirmed that they are using additional social media data as part of the organic ranking equation. Currently, the primary space they are using in their ranking calculations are Twitter and Facebook. The number of Followers, Likes, ReTweets, embedded links, and link popularity of your social media pages all are purported to be factors.

Now the big question; Who in your organization controls the social media? Should it be your marketing department, PR firm, advertising company, web developer, copywriter, SEO company, social media company, or an intern? The answer is going to depend on the size and staff of your company for sure, but a strong argument can be made that any of the aforementioned could be qualified. We have witnessed all of these scenarios both succeed and fail. To succeed, its critical to have a solid plan that defines the roles and reasons for your social media campaign.

Your organization needs to define the “Who, What, Why, Where, When, and How” of your social media team. There are technical, messaging, branding, sales, and customer service considerations. Who is going to post, how often, whats the purpose, whats the content, and most importantly who is listening and responding? Yes Listening! Twitter and Facebook are engagement points for new and existing relationships. These are platforms to start conservations, not just advertising channels.

One thing is for sure now that social media is an SEO ranking factor – you need to have your Internet Marketing partner get involved as part of your social media team. Our crew here at RightNow Communications works with clients of all sizes, from one-man bands to blue chips. Our social media services range from consulting and coaching, to complete turn-key services that provide audience building, interaction and listening. Contact us for a social media review and recommendations; We can help no matter where your current involvement level in social media is at.

Video: Google Guy Matt Cutts Talks About Social Media SEO Ranking Factors

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David Tucker: Search Engine Optimization, Link Building Strategies, Off-Page SEO, Brand and Reputation Management Campaigns, Structural Analysis, and Analytics Consultant. Fighting the good fight against the search engines since InfoSeek and Alta Vista were the top Internet search portals. David has a strong background in technical, design, and hosting related issues. This provides RightNow clients with a layer of SEO that most organizations can not offer. In addition to SEO work, David has developed the RightNow online client reporting system, public website, email and auto-responder system, and the development + branding of the RightNow social media channels. When not working you can find David enjoying the outdoors in Maui, Hawaii


  1. […] Emerce pleegde onderzoek en toont dat +1’s, likes en tweets, rankingfactoren gaan worden. Het bleek dat Google al resultaten geeft op basis van wat mensen aanbevelen. Deze resultaten komen alleen ingelogd naar voren, maar zien we in de toekomst ook social ranking zonder login? Wat houdt dat dan in voor de SEO bij bedrijven? Google bevestigde inderdaad dat er gekeken wordt naar social media als rankingfactor. […]

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