Spam I Am is Back!

Spam never left. It’s still here. It has become much harder to spam via email because the industry as well as you and I have put in a lot of safeguards. Life is much better on the email front these days to be sure. But that doesn’t mean the spammers quit. They have only moved on to greener pastures. Here is where we find weeds in our clients pastures to be exact:

Your Blog: If we have set up your blog, we automatically make comments a moderated process. You have to approve the comment before it will post. This can be an easy place for spammers to do their thing with unmoderated blogs. Very often they can even get around unsuspecting blog owners by posting a complimentary comment while dropping their web site URL into what they say. These are link spammers and they are an insidious bunch

Your Facebook Page: Last week, Facebook “upgraded” business accounts. If you created a business page (AKA Fan Page) it has changed dramatically, much for the better. One of the things a business page owner can now do is decide to be themselves (aka person) or be their business when they “like” or make comments at another business page. it’s quite all right for you to go to another page on Facebook now and post a comment acting as your business instead of yourself. However, this takes restraint. If your intent is to swoop in and steal eyeballs over to your Facebook page or website this is Facebook spamming and the owner of the page will probably remove the comment and ban you from ever coming to their page again. In turn, it is now more important than ever before to visit your Facebook page on a daily basis. If you don’t you will probably be the recipient of spam on your business page. Facebook spammers absolutely love stale and abandoned Facebook business pages…

Twitter World: Spam is also alive and well on Twitter. The folks spamming this media are extremely creative. Just like anything else, you need to think before you click. If you don’t know the person who sends you a DM exclaiming that you “have got to see this” I guarantee you that it is spam. You just won’t know how dangerous it is until you click. So don’t!

None of this equals the hey day of email spamming but all of it is insidious, wastes time and takes a level of effort to monitor. But heck, If I scared you enough to go back and see what is on your Facebook business page it’s all been worth it to me!

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