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Link-a-Billy Dave blogs from the phoneGoing Mobile for WordPress Blogs

Let Netrafic make your standalone WordPress Blog mobile friendly for iPhone, iPod Touch, Google Android and BlackBerry Storm visitors. We install a Plugin that automatically detects the visiting device and serves up a slick, mobile themed version of your blog that loads faster and makes your blog easier to navigate.

Cost? It’s Free!

Fine Print – This service is only available to RightNow Communication’s clients. We install the necessary plugin, modify the mobile theme and size your logo to match your existing website colors. Then we get the whole thing running for you. Turnkey and easy peazzy.

Don’t have a standalone WordPress Blog? Thats crazy talk! RNC Clients participating in the Link Building, Social Media Marketing, or Reputation Management services are eligible for a WordPress Blog as part of the package. All you have to do is write! Contact Dave for details.

Mobile Web – You Are Here

Link-A-Billy Dave @ NetraficGoogle Prepares to Overtake the iPhone

The Google Android Open Source (completely free) mobile platform picked up some major players last month including Sony Ericsson, Garmin International, SoftBank and Vodaphone. These companies will give Google additional momentum in the mobile search arena, putting them one step closer to overtaking the Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone is based on a proprietary system (closed source) and Apple has declined to license its software to third parties. This positions Google’s mobile software project to become the leading mobile OS (operating system).

The mobile search market share expanded in 2008 to over 9% of all web searches conducted. Business can no longer ignore the importance of having a mobile friendly website. Here is the good news – The Google Android system will display traditional web pages (similar to the iPhone) making special web pages or alternate .mobi sites unnecessary. Currently the iPhone can not render Flash, but we can only hope that flaw will be corrected.

Google AdWords Smartphone Targeting Campaigns allow advertisers to target or opt-out of ads destined to be displayed in moblie devices. You can now choose to display ads exclusively on mobile devices, create ad campaigns specifically for mobile, and get separate performance reporting for mobile phone targeted ad campaigns.

Netrafic Pay-Per-Click clients can consult our team with questions regarding mobile PPC, and Google has a nice little ditty here.

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