Free Press Release Distribution and Links!

Every so often RightNow Communications offers a nice little freebie to our clients, with an open offer to “Take Advantage” of our service. Last month we served up the Free Video Offer. This month we bring you the … Press Release Deal!

What You Need To Do: Send us a copy of your press releases in .doc, .pdf or .html format, then sit back and relax. Your part is done!

What We Do: We have a network of blogs, articles sites, partner sites, and content resources where we place content as part of our Linking Program. We will take your PR and embed a nice link back to your site that supports your target Search Terms. This will help your website perform better in the search engines!

Why, So What, and Who Cares? The value of distributing press releases has two primary functions. The first (and primary) reason is to “get the word” out on the net. A well placed PR will drive traffic back to your site, and create brand awareness. The second (and often overlooked) benefit of placing press releases on the web is the links it can provide back to your site. Not traffic links, but BackLinks that support your SEO goals. These are the links your site MUST have to perform for competitive search terms in the organic search results.

Note: This service is included as a regular part of our Link Development program.

Send your requests directly to Link-a-Billy Dave, or call to discuss.