Call it Money.

As the search engines continue to mature they are able to ferret out more and more “tricks” that have been used over the years to game┬áthe search engine results pages aka SERPS. But throughout all of time with the search engines (20 years) content has always been the #1 way to gain valuable top search engine rankings.

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Here a Position, There a Position

Whenever I tell someone that we are “blogging for SEO purposes,” it is received a with a blank stare. People seem to know what SEO is and they seem to know what blogging is. But when you put them together it sends them down a slippery slope. So, I thought I would give some tips here to make the going easier.

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Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Content Needs

You know you need to create content. Even if you have an outside consultant helping you put it all together, a fair amount of the basic work needs to be done by you. It will remain an insurmountable pain in the you-know-what unless you take charge! We have found the easiest way to do this is to create an editorial calendar. After all, the old newspaper may be slowly dying, but that doesn’t mean journalism is. People are insatiable when it comes to gathering information they are interested in.

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Content: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

We have come a long way in the past four tutorials. If you’ve done it all yourself, it’s taken months and months of effort. If you’ve built a team, what I am about to tell you will be exciting. If not, well… it’s not like I didn’t tell you at the very onset of this project, right? The key here, in order to “do it right,” it is going to take a team to cover all of the various bases properly. Some tasks can be and must be performed inhouse. Others are better left to your professional consultants.

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New Year Resolution Has Got to be Blogging!

At new year time, people like to make resolutions. If you make just one resolution for your internet business plan, please, let it be blogging! This is a task many business owners dread. But if they knew what we knew about the power of blogging and SEO, it might be more palatable.

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Generating ROI From Your Blogging Activity

A correctly structured and integrated blog is one of the most effective online marketing weapons available to website owners. With recent changes by Google that emphasize website quality, blogging can be an even more effective tool. However, done incorrectly your blog could quickly become an anchor that pulls your website down in the rankings. Traditionally, blogs have a high bounce rate. This will have a negative impact on your ranking if your blog also maintains a low visitor time on site. [Read more…]