Social Media is Not an Option

In three previous posts we have worked our way through the basic steps of setting up shop  online and keeping it all running smoothly. With all of that in place we can now begin to work proactively. Social media is the next step. It begins with the development of pages at the various social portals. Our company provides management services for Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. But there may be others that are important to your particular industry. Social Media is a great place to employ teamwork to accomplish all that has to happen consistently, which I will cover below.

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Why Small Business Can’t Afford to Market on the Internet

For the sake of argument, lets say you could actually hire a competent internet marketer to help your business be prominent on the internet in your market for $40,000 a year. As a business owner, you know the actual cost of that new employee will be closer to $55k. The problem with this scenario is that these people are nearly impossible to come by; half techy, half marketer. If you do find one, how long will they stay with that talent? Then what?

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FaceBook Marketing Services Expand

Two years ago, we began to offer FaceBook marketing services to our clients in addition to our search engine optimization and marketing services. We now handle the presence for several clients on FaceBook, working together with them to increase audience size and develop relationships with their fans.

It’s only natural that we are expanding what we offer on FaceBook as the medium grows and matures.

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Facebook Works! Real World Example

Facebook is roaring ahead with no let-up in sight.

If you doubt it’s potential you need not look any further than the recent developments in Egypt to feel its’ white-hot power.

But you are a business and business is tough. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Good employees are hard to come by. Taxes are too high and… hey, someone forgot to turn off the coffeepot again…ack!

It’s all true. In the real world you just don’t have time to take on  another marketing task… or do you? You’ve now waited till all of the early adopters are in. How much longer can your business afford for you to decide to jump in?

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Business Blogging Tips

Blogging is enjoying a resurgence in popularity now that it is the darling of SEO strategies. And that’s just it. An SEO strategy “Aint worth a hill of beans” without a plan. Businesses have a hard time allocating staff time for blogging and there generally is some wide-spread fear of publishing written words! Even if you do farm out the writing, you are going to need to be helping the writer write about your business to be sure. Even at a minimum, some regular involvement is going to be necessary.

We do a lot of blog editing around here as well as client coaching. The primary challenge is creating a focus for blogging in a direction that will help the SEO effort. It’s so easy and inevitable to fall out of focus. From these efforts, I’ve developed the following checklist to help stay on the SEO success path:
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