Getting the Most out of Your Web Site

The premise of this series is that your small business can have a better presence on the web by hiring professional consultants who work with you and your team instead of trying to tackle it all yourself. In the last post, we laid out some basic tips for conceiving, developing and maintaining your web site. Now, it’s time to tune up the web pages you created with optimization.

Just having a web site will not create the success you are looking for on the internet. This is more true today than ever before. Competition on the web is hot. The good news is 90% of your competition is wallowing around in one way or another. Very few put together a complete and holistic approach to their web marketing plan. This is because they go it alone, thinking it is a less expensive way to go. They waste a lot of time and money on nonproductive activities. After building your site, it’s time to optimize it. This is a process, not event and is something that is continuously revisited, year in and year out.

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Use Analytics to Improve Campaign Targeting

We can all agree that Analytics is an excellent tool for measuring the progress of your SEO and online marketing efforts. However, the true value is not collecting all that visitor data, but what you do with it to improve your marketing, targeting and ROI. This excellent video by Rand at SEOMOZ clearly highlights some areas of Google Analytics that you can focus on, and explains some key concepts in an easy to understand format.

If you need additional help with interpreting your Analytics data give us a call! This service is an included part of your SEO plan if you are a RightNow client.