Do Not Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

As an SEO company we feel “mighty proud” when a clients’ search engine referral traffic is up year over year. That means we are doing a good job; bringing them more traffic from search engines! As a marketer, though, I get concerned when I see the other source of traffic, referrals, is just a small slice of their monthly visitors.

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Building Your Internet Marketing Plan

Once you have built your initial website and optimized it for best results it’s time to put your internet marketing plan into place. For many businesses, an initial internet marketing plan has to be funded from the general marketing and advertising budget. This can be very painful at first. Satisfactory results achieved in the first year will allow your new sales channel to become self sufficient in time.

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SEO versus SEM versus SMM versus Old School

Small and medium sized businesses have so many opportunities to market themselves these days that it’s hard to choose where to start or expand. At the same time, budgets are tight and in most business plans, doing it all can be impossible. So, how does one choose what to do?

The first factor in deciding how to deploy a comprehensive marketing plan is to take a rational look at the business you are in. For many businesses, the train has already left the station… your prospective customers are actively searching for what it is you offer on the internet. For other businesses, it’s still the good ole days for the good old school ways of marketing. You have to find the mix that’s right for your situation.

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It’s All About the Audience

Successful marketing on the internet has always been about the audience but today it is more important than ever before. It’s no longer sufficient to have good search engine rankings. Developing good search engine rankings is a process that is best begun as soon as possible and nurtured regularly over a prolonged period for wide and deep, consistent 1st page rankings.

This is the big wide net of the marketing plan though. It’s important to develop a core group of people who not only buy from you but also tell others about you. You find, develop and feed these “aficionados” through various means of list building and communication.

1) Blogging ::: Yup, you’ll hear this in just about every post I paste here. Blogging is how we help our web site develop a personality. It’s beyond the boundaries of marketing department copy, brochures and scripts.

2) Send Email Newsletters ::: Which is mainly comprised of snippets and links of your recent blog posts

3) Build a Fan Base at Facebook ::: Encourage debate and discussion with total transparency and a sense of community

4) Build a Following on Twitter ::: Interact and participate with your following. Stay relevant to your marketing strategy

5) Find other places where people congregate on the web that you have an affinity with and participate

6) Offer a place and a reason to sign up for the newsletter on your web site. Also, place links to your social media pages and make sure its easy to get to your main site from the blog.

7) Get involved with the mobile web. I reserve this topic for another post of its own!

Many business people will shrug and say they don’t have the time for all of this. I say, you don’t have a choice! This is where business is going and in many cases… it’s gone baby! if you can’t do it then you have to hire it out. Either way, you have to make the commitment. Slow but sure all of your competition is doing it.

Email to Cell Phone

Have you ever wanted to send a quick email to someones cell phone but did not want to take the time to peck out the message on your phone? Me too! I may be the last person on earth to know this – You can send an email to cell phone directly from any computer.

You need to know two bits of information; first the recipients cell phone number, second the cell phones service provider. If you don’t know what cellular company provides the service then just type the phone number into the Reverse Phone Directory and it will list the cell phone service provider. If you don’t know the cell number then why would you want to send an email to text message anyway?
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Pay Per Click Links and Email

Pay Per Click Links and Email – The Connection Get What You Paid For

The majority of web site owners I work with are using pay per click to generate additional traffic for their web sites.  Newer, less seasoned sites rely on pay per click (PPC) advertising almost exclusively.  A correctly designed and managed PPC campaign can be a goldmine of regular new visitors.  If there ever was a way to “make money fast” on the internet, PPC is it!

Unfortunately, the majority of web sites I come across do not have a plan to “make money last.” What do I mean by this? 

Let me give you an example:

A web traveler clicks on your web sites advertisement on Google.  They arrive at your site and find that you have a product or service that they would consider using – some day.  Not now, or today, but sometime in the future.  This is a great success, you have a qualified potential customer!  But now what?  Do you count on that visitor to remember you, bookmark your site, and magically reappear sometime in the future – not likely!

Now that you have paid for the customer to visit, you must turn them into a buyer.  The process in “creating a sale” is timeless and simple.  Sales icon Zig Ziggler said it best, “Find out what people want and help them to get it.” A top salesperson asks a lot of questions, and then listens intently to the customers response.

The dynamic of the sales process on internet is the same, only it requires a different approach.  This is true primarily because it is impossible to directly question your web visitors.  The top salesperson in any industry knows the questions that will come up, and has prepared answers that spotlight their product or service.  Answers are value building opportunities!  Additionally, you don’t have your web visitor cornered at the auto dealership drooling over a shiny new car.  The exit for a web traveler is only a click away.  This brings me to the point of my article.

Successful email marketing WILL increase your sales.

With a well designed email marketing campaign, you have the ability to spoon feed in small doses the answers you know your customers are already asking.  The supper successful email marketer focuses on sending their customers interesting and value building content, NOT ADVERTISING.  The nexus comes when the client perceives you as an informational expert providing interesting subject matter.  People will look forward to receiving your emails.

Web marketers that have been collecting email addresses for years and providing regular contact report that that their email sales frequently out-perform their web campaigns, sometimes by a huge margin!  Imagine the power of having 200,000 guaranteed web exposures every month.

Let me ask you a question; “What if it was possible to double your revenue with very little expense?” Would you be interested?