Audience Shaping at Facebook

Much like website visitor counts, the Facebook Fan count provides one measure of success on the social media channel. As a small business owner we look over at big brands, longingly with their million fanbase and wonder how we’ll ever create a large fanbase of our own. Fortunately, we don’t have to! Quality trumps quantity in this game all together – in more ways than one!

You can, in fact, buy targeted facebook fans… Oh sure, you can pay someone a hundred bucks and they’ll pour in a boatload of people who’s only interest in you was the nickel they earned for clicking your Like button, You won’t be building a business that way though!

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Google PlusOne Button +1

Click +1 To See What Happens

Social SEO is increasing in importance in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Google has been bleeding traffic market share to the social networks, and in an effort to plug the gaps they have released +1. The goal of +1 is to capitalize on relationships, and provide personal recommendations to create a social search experience for Google users.

The +1 Button works in a similar fashion to the Facebook LIKE Button. When a Google user is signed into their Google account, they can ‘+1’ websites which signifys that the user endorses or recommends the site. The important thing to remember is that everyone will see your +1 regardless of whether they are part of your Google social circle or not. [Read more…]

Your Audience Is Your Priority

Most of our social media clients have been “all new” in the social media marketplace. Our services include both audience building and posting content. But lately, we have seen a number of clients who have had a go of it on their own but aren’t having much success. After all, it is a tough row to hoe when you have -0- followers. And it can be downright depressing, when after 3 months you only have a few more than that! It’s much easier and a lot more fun to find quirky bits and bytes of information to share. But that’s the rub. Who exactly are you sharing this info with? Is this the best use of your time?

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