Social Media is Now an SEO Ranking Factor

Links back to your website from social media and bookmarking sites have always contributed to your website’s organic SEO strength. Now the Search Engines have confirmed that they are using additional social media data as part of the organic ranking equation. Currently, the primary space they are using in their ranking calculations are Twitter and Facebook. The number of Followers, Likes, ReTweets, embedded links, and link popularity of your social media pages all are purported to be factors. [Read more…]

Top Sites Have the Best Links

Link Building is an Important Aspect of Organic SEO

The links that point toward your website from other online resources are the most important factor for scoring well at competitive search terms. According to recent research and opinion collected from top SEO industry pros, three of the top five most critical ranking factors have to do with the construction of a websites inbound link inventory.

You can no longer ignore a link building strategy if you want to compete online!

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Is Your Website Standing On One Leg?

Link-a-Billy Dave Talks Sales

If your site has been dropping in the search engines for a search term that you have traditionally performed well for, read on…

There is no way to sugar-coat the message in this article; It is almost impossible for your website to be competitive anymore if you are not engaged in a link building campaign, and adding fresh content to your website.

There are hundreds of factors that the search engines use to determine the indexing position for a given search term. Some factors are minor, but two are major – Links and Content.

Links – Your sites link profile can be as much as 50% of the equation in ranking your website. For competitive search terms, you will not arrive on the front page if you do not have links that support your website for that search term. The top SEO practitioners recently created an SEO success map, there was 100% agreement that Linking is one of the top contributing factors to ranking success. There was also complete agreement that poor linking practices can kill a website. For more on link building please read What Are Links and In Link We Trust.

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Content – Your sites content profile can be as much as 50% of the equation in ranking your website. The search engines will no longer consider a few pages of content on a subject to be authoritative for highly competitive search terms. In addition, content freshness is being given additional weight today. If makes sense that a top website on a given subject should have a wealth of topical content and new information would be added on a regular basis. Content is primarily text. Graphics, Media, and Flash are also minor considerations, but there is no replacement for text. An important note – text built anywhere other than on your websites primary domain does not count. Its not worthless, but it does not count toward building your site as far as the search engines are concerned.

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The above assumes that your website design is already search engine friendly, and some other key elements are in place. It is a generalization given the complexity and competitive nature of the search results race. Here is what you need to take away from this article – even if you are perfect in one area (links or content) it is still possible to fail. You need the complete package. You can not count of your past success in the search engines to continue if you don’t get in the game.

Helping Your Site Fight Link Spam

Fight Link Spam

We have recently encountered several client sites that have fallen victim to hackers and link spammers. The hackers gain access to the site, and drop links into key pages that point back to drug, adult, gambling and pirated software web site. The links are inserted in a way that make them impossible to see them when looking at the site, but the search engines see them just fine. This is sometimes referred to as “Spamdexing.”

The motivation for the hackers is to gain better search engine position for key search terms that relate to their chosen enterprise. If the hacker is successful this will reduce your sites ability to perform in the search engines, and may even get your site removed completely.

Cost? FREE!

Netrafic is implementing a monitoring system that silently watches for these types of links. If a hacker gains access to your site and plants links that could negatively impact your web marketing effort we will immediately be notified and manually check your site. If there is an actual problem we will contact you. This service is being added at no charge to clients that are participating in the the Link Building Strategy service.

If you have question or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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Free Press Release Distribution and Links!

Every so often RightNow Communications offers a nice little freebie to our clients, with an open offer to “Take Advantage” of our service. Last month we served up the Free Video Offer. This month we bring you the … Press Release Deal!

What You Need To Do: Send us a copy of your press releases in .doc, .pdf or .html format, then sit back and relax. Your part is done!

What We Do: We have a network of blogs, articles sites, partner sites, and content resources where we place content as part of our Linking Program. We will take your PR and embed a nice link back to your site that supports your target Search Terms. This will help your website perform better in the search engines!

Why, So What, and Who Cares? The value of distributing press releases has two primary functions. The first (and primary) reason is to “get the word” out on the net. A well placed PR will drive traffic back to your site, and create brand awareness. The second (and often overlooked) benefit of placing press releases on the web is the links it can provide back to your site. Not traffic links, but BackLinks that support your SEO goals. These are the links your site MUST have to perform for competitive search terms in the organic search results.

Note: This service is included as a regular part of our Link Development program.

Send your requests directly to Link-a-Billy Dave, or call to discuss.

Google Link Analysis Tools

Google Link Analysis Tools Google Reveals Secret Link Sauce

In the past few years, Google has come to guard what they know about your site’s link inventory more closely than the recipe to Coca-Cola.  Back in the day, you could enter the simple command “” and Google would return the actual number of links pointing back toward your site.  Then, the Big G became suspicious that webmasters were using this data to mine the competition’s link inventory – which was pretty much true.  Google implemented a program that would generate intentionally false results, and the data-miners were left out in the cold, ripping their hair out.

As of this February, Google has figured a way to spill the beans, while keeping data-miners away.  G has developed an expanded Webmaster Link Analysis Tool that gives information on a site’s external inbound links, as well as internal linking patterns.  To use the tool, a small snip of code just needs to be placed within the website’s main page.

Hooray for Googlewood!

This new tool also provides some handy information on items like Google Spider Crawl history, Spider Crawl errors, and Search Query stats, with average click and index position.  There are other useful metric and analytic type tools, too — stuff that could only get a Link-a-Billy like me excited!

“Webmasters have been wanting more comprehensive link data from us for a long time,” explains Vanessa Fox, Product Manager for Google Webmaster Central.  “We created Webmaster Central to communicate better with webmasters, and we take their feedback very seriously.  We have been looking at ways to provide this data and are ecstatic to make it available.”

One tool in particular that caught my eye: the Preferred Domain tool.  For a long time Google wrestled with the fact that all sites have a WWW side and Non-WWW side to the domain.  On some sites, all of the Google Page Rank ends up on one side or the other.  In an effort to squeeze more results out of some sites natural search we have recommended that some sites preform an Internal 301 Redirect to the strong side.  This process could often be a painful process for the IT department.  Recently, one client had “I survived the 301” printed on t-shirts for her staff.  There are rumors that a certain ColdFusion development house has my photo on their dart board because of it.  The Preferred Domain Tool will let you choose which side of the sites URLs you want displayed.  The end of the internal 301 for SEO?  Maybe.

Get Down with the Link Clown!

I am currently testing this tool on a few select sites.  So far, its results have been helpful when used in combination with the other tools we use for link analysis and development.  There are still shortcomings, though.  The Google Tool still does not address the links attached to pages that are included in the Supplemental Index, nor does it include them for report purposes.  It also does not provide a way to search with filters attached, like “all links with +PR 4,” for example.

Over the next few weeks I will be sending clients in the linking program, a single line of code that will allow your site to participate in the goodness Google is providing.  The metrics reported will help us fine tune some aspects of your natural SEO search engine results.  Cant wait?  Send me an email with “Google Link me, dude” in the subject line and I will put you at the top of the list.

Best Regards,

Resident Link-a-Billy Dave

For More Information go to the Official Google Site