Google Offers Additional Control Over Search Results

Website owners have received the ability to customize the way their listings appear in the search engine results. In the past the only variables you were able to control were the title tag and the meta description. Hold on to your hat folks, Google has just introduced Structured Data Mark Up.

Marking up structured data allows you to define review ratings, product images, prices, business addresses, professional titles and more. The data is displayed using two standards; microformats and RDFa formats.

The new format is starting to appear in Google search results, primarily for restaurant listings. Sites such as Yelp quickly embraced the new display options.


Sites that offer up directory and review results have the most obvious applications. But, like all other optimization options, crafty web designers and SEO’s will find unique and interesting ways of implementing these tools.

For a complete overview of this new twist visit the Google Marking Up Structured Data Page