Image Optimization Best Practices

Website Image SEO Best PracticesThere are hundreds of factors that contribute to the formula of ranking in the search engines and the overall quality score of your website. The optimization of the images on your website is not necessarily at the top of the SEO list, but is considered to be on the list of “best practices.”

Optimizing media for your website can be confusing for sure. Unlike other types of onsite SEO, image optimization could require input from your Graphic Designer, Web Developer and SEO professional.

The Alt Tag is one of the SEO Red Herrings in the Industry!

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Do Not Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

As an SEO company we feel “mighty proud” when a clients’ search engine referral traffic is up year over year. That means we are doing a good job; bringing them more traffic from search engines! As a marketer, though, I get concerned when I see the other source of traffic, referrals, is just a small slice of their monthly visitors.

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Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Content Needs

You know you need to create content. Even if you have an outside consultant helping you put it all together, a fair amount of the basic work needs to be done by you. It will remain an insurmountable pain in the you-know-what unless you take charge! We have found the easiest way to do this is to create an editorial calendar. After all, the old newspaper may be slowly dying, but that doesn’t mean journalism is. People are insatiable when it comes to gathering information they are interested in.

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Google Plus: A Different Animal All Together

Google Plus is not the first attempt by Google in the world of social networking. Google Buzz failed miserably a few years back. They licked their wounds and decided to learn from their mistakes as only a billion dollar juggernaut could, after not being able to work a deal with Twitter or Facebook for a feed from either of those popular networks.

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Google +1 Button

Google is in the process of implementing a new social sharing tool called +1. This is similar to the Facebook “Like” button, but will be integrated into all Google products including organic search results. We will start seeing +1 this month, and the ability to add it to your site shortly thereafter. The impact of +1 on search engine optimization is unknown at this point, but we will continue to keep our clients in front of important developments.

Google +1 Explained

FaceBook Marketing Services Expand

Two years ago, we began to offer FaceBook marketing services to our clients in addition to our search engine optimization and marketing services. We now handle the presence for several clients on FaceBook, working together with them to increase audience size and develop relationships with their fans.

It’s only natural that we are expanding what we offer on FaceBook as the medium grows and matures.

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