Here a Position, There a Position

Whenever I tell someone that we are “blogging for SEO purposes,” it is received a with a blank stare. People seem to know what SEO is and they seem to know what blogging is. But when you put them together it sends them down a slippery slope. So, I thought I would give some tips here to make the going easier.

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Just Call It Marketing!

We have been providing internet marketing services since 1996, also known as the “dawn of time.” In the fifteen, plus years since then, someone in the industry regularly proclaims that “SEO is dead.” Every time there is a twist or a turn in the Google road, pundits tell us it’s the beginning of the end.

SEO is a funny term to begin with. But it has stuck as the acronym of the search engine optimization industry since way back when. So, I’m jumping in now and stating that SEO is in fact, dead. It actually died several years ago, when the practice of “optimizing” web sites required that other web sites call your web site an important resource. When the search algorithm calculates somewhere around 50/50 what you said on your page and what others said about you on their pages, the game changed entirely. This change happened several years ago. As soon as the herd figured out how to game it, the hammer came down hard in the form of a cute, foreign-named bear called Panda.

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Getting the Most out of Your Web Site

The premise of this series is that your small business can have a better presence on the web by hiring professional consultants who work with you and your team instead of trying to tackle it all yourself. In the last post, we laid out some basic tips for conceiving, developing and maintaining your web site. Now, it’s time to tune up the web pages you created with optimization.

Just having a web site will not create the success you are looking for on the internet. This is more true today than ever before. Competition on the web is hot. The good news is 90% of your competition is wallowing around in one way or another. Very few put together a complete and holistic approach to their web marketing plan. This is because they go it alone, thinking it is a less expensive way to go. They waste a lot of time and money on nonproductive activities. After building your site, it’s time to optimize it. This is a process, not event and is something that is continuously revisited, year in and year out.

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SEO Requires a Family of Strategies

SEO'n Down on the Farm

When Search Engine Optimization got it’s start the entire strategy revolved around what you put on your page. Those were the days! Because now, in competitive categories, it takes a lot more than the singular component of on-page SEO. You need a family of strategies to accomplish higher rankings. It just so happens RNC is a family business. I perform the On Page work while my brother does a myriad of things we lump together into the term, Off Page, or linking but is by no means limited to what you might think is “linking”.

Ive seen this off page work make my on page work sing! It frees me to concentrate on creating compelling SEO on the page who’s sole goal is to convert the search engine visitor to a clickthru to the clients web site. It is possible to engage us for one or the other but it really just doesnt make sense anymore.

After all, the stakes are much higher today. Ten years ago some people used the internet to help make a lot of buying decisions. Today, it is without a doubt the primary way for businesses to reach, communicate and interact with customers. This is not just a pitch though. However you go about optimizing your web site for the search engines, make sure you cover both bases. On Page work requires a complete audit of the entire website and then ongoing care and feeing. Off Page work is an endless discovery and relationship building process that proactively does what the web was intended to do; link it all together for the end user.

The Free Video Offer from Netrafic

Do you have video on (or about) your website? Let us upload it to YouTube with optimization that supports your Search Engine Marketing effort … FOR FREE!

Many clients are already experiencing results in the search engines with optimized video. We will target a search term that your site is competing for and launch the video to compete for that term. The desired results are this; seeing your website, pay per click ad (it using ppc) and the YouTube video in the top search results! Imagine having 3 or more results on the front page of Google for your search term!

Send your video to Dave in a .wmv .mov. or .avi format – video must be 10 minutes maximum in running time. We will create a custom YouTube Channel (if you do not already have an account,) tag your video with your domain name, and upload it for you in an optimized fashion.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call!

This offer applies to any clients working with Netrafic.