How Does Google Determine Website Quality?

Recent Google algorithm updates have focused on promoting websites that are of a “higher quality” to the top of the search results. This sounds logical in theory, but how does Google judge quality? After all, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and “quality” is subjective, a matter of opinion.

Cooking Up Quality in the Google Kitchens

So here is the secret on how Google determines the quality of your content – they don’t. Google crawls and catalogs the entire web, and then calculates the relevancy of every website for a given search term. To do this they turn your website into a mathematical formula and then use their algorithm to solve for X (the search term.) Its impossible using this process to determine good content from bad content. Besides, Google is not in the business of telling consumers what to like; they are delivering a product which is search results. [Read more…]