Government to Regulate Social Media?

The Fed’s want to intervene, and regulate the flow of commercial communication in Social Media channels. In a nutshell, they want anyone that blogs, Tweets, reviews, recommends, or writes about a product (and receives compensation to do it) to wear an arm band that identifies them as an “advertiser.” Ok, I made the arm-band part up.

Are consumers really so stupid that they will make a buying decision based on what “ForReals69” has to say on Twitter? When you see a glowing positive product review don’t you automatically assume its hype? After all, its the Internets!

Face it — without regulation it is impossible to form another layer of government that requires budget funding, assess fees, expands bureaucracy, and create new jobs…

So, why do you hate new jobs so much?

Disclaimer – This post should be considered when buying into the concept that the government should regulate every aspect of your life.