What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been!

In 1973, Chris was a young man, making his initial way in the world as a student at the University of Montana and the Manager of a local ski shop. He got the chance to go to the big ski show in Las Vegas. And thus began a long run in an industry that has also been very much a part of his life.

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RIP Sweet Prince of Creativity

Hasn’t everything been said about Steve Jobs and Apple that can be said? Actually, no. That’s because every person who has been touched by Steve and his products has a story of their own. This is mine. He has been called the Thomas Edison of our time. I have to agree. Without him and his “little” company with the cute name, chances are, my life would have taken an entirely different path.

One of his best quotes was to “Live your life for yourself. Do something bold and do something you love.” This has been my basic tenet in life. But my life with Apple began in the mid-1980’s. Sorry, one thing I have not done is keep a diary, but it had to be somewhere around 1986. I had just come off a rough landing from [Read more…]