Ever Wonder How Google Works?

How Google Works.

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Making Changes? Keep us in the Loop!

One of the single most important things you can do to help your SEO program is notify us when you make a change to your website. Specifically, changing, moving, or deleting a URL on your website. We have worked very hard to get every page of your website to perform in the search engines. This includes optimization and link building tactics. These pages now perform in the search engines and are indexed.

The SEO friendly way to make these changes is to place a 301 redirect on the old page. This alerts the search engines that the change has been made and forwards them to the new page, or another part of your website. Additionally, this prevents visitors from landing on a dead page of your website.

With the proper implementation of 301 redirects you can change [Read more…]

+1 The Time is Now!

Google recently announced that the plus one button is getting over 2 million daily views, additionally they have released a YouTube video outlining some of the best practices to help you get the most out of the plus one button.

When installing the plus one button, utilize the callback parameter. This will allow users that +1 an item on your website to go back and purchase, read, or visit any URL you want to target later when they have time. In addition, Google has provided additional parameters that you can use when installing the water the plus one button. You can control how the button looks, what is displayed, what URL should receive the +1, and what function you want to call when someone clicks the +1 button.

To learn more about implementing the plus one button on your website please contact Dave or Chris at RightNow Communications.

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H2O and SEO: The Basic Elements of Life

When Chris Tucker started RightNow Communications in 1997, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process was straightforward. The primary skills required to dominate the search results were a knack for marketing, writing skills, and the ability to research keywords for a client’s product or service. These are all still ultra important aspects of the SEO process today. However, modern SEO requires multiple skill sets if you expect to score high rankings in competitive markets. [Read more…]

Google Changes – Is The Sky Really Falling?

Search Engine Optimization by RNC

…and, What Does it All Mean For My WebSite?

Google has made several high profile changes to their search algorithm in the last few months. This has sparked a flurry of concerned emails from search engine optimization clients wanting to know how this might impact their online marketing. Here are the major changes and how it will impact you and your website:

Google Places, Local Search Update – This is the change that is most likely to impact you directly. We have written on this topic several times – read more here: Google Places SEO

Google Panda Update – Also called the Farmer Update (Panda, named after someone on the Google team.) This was the most recent update that sent “shock waves” around the Internet. Every media outlet and online resource rang the bell that this “was the big one,” and that entire websites would evaporate overnight. Some did, but none of our clients were ever at any risk. Here is a Q & A regarding this Google change: [Read more…]

Social Media and SEO

SMM Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing
SEO + SMM = $$!

There is an avalanche of social media content hitting the web everyday. The numbers are staggering; almost one million blog posts hit the web every day, over 500 million FaceBook users, and there are a mind-blowing 90 million Tweets per day! YouTube states that 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute of the day, and 2 billion videos are viewed every day. That’s Billion with a B! [Read more…]