Google Plus: A Different Animal All Together

Google Plus is not the first attempt by Google in the world of social networking. Google Buzz failed miserably a few years back. They licked their wounds and decided to learn from their mistakes as only a billion dollar juggernaut could, after not being able to work a deal with Twitter or Facebook for a feed from either of those popular networks.

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Social Media Auto Posting Misses the Point

You are overloaded. It’s a fact. Before the internet came along you were already plenty busy. It’s taken you a decade of weening yourself from traditional media, transferring marketing dollars over to the digital side of the coin.

Now, along comes the Social Networks (SMM). If a business is to participate, there are so many things to learn and do at once. It seems insurmountable. Smart marketers saw this early on and developed management tools. A component of most of these tools is the ability to “load” posts for Twitter (or Facebook and others) to autopost in the future. And it is oh-so-easy to flip the switch that auto posts whatever you post at Twitter directly onto Facebook. Whew! That cuts down the workload.

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If it Were Easy Everybody Would be Doing it!

Report from the Trenches: For over fifteen years, we have been providing an ever increasing smorgasbord of internet marketing services. At first, clients had to “steal” funds from their traditional marketing budget to pay for online efforts. These days, the online marketing budget has become the major portion of the business building budget. Back then, the skeptics didn’t believe in the internet being a viable media. Today, most business owners believe an opportunity exists but who has the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t? The learning curve has increased every year exponentially too. Today, thankfully, we find business owners who have a general understanding of the job at hand on the world wide web. But the main driving fact remains; there is not enough time in the day to get it all done. After all, you still have to run your business like you used to… only now, there are enough time killers lurking about that there is just no way you can get it all done effectively and properly, yourself.

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Facebook Fad More Likely to be a Trend

Ok, all right. So, there wasn’t a RightNow Communications Facebook Fan Page until very recently. We just can’t be early adopters ALL the time… It’s not like we haven’t been deep in the trenches working Facebook for some time now. Clients prodded us into Farmville over a year ago and it has been an eye opening experience to say the least.

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Social Media and SEO

SMM Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing
SEO + SMM = $$!

There is an avalanche of social media content hitting the web everyday. The numbers are staggering; almost one million blog posts hit the web every day, over 500 million FaceBook users, and there are a mind-blowing 90 million Tweets per day! YouTube states that 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute of the day, and 2 billion videos are viewed every day. That’s Billion with a B! [Read more…]

SEO versus SEM versus SMM versus Old School

Small and medium sized businesses have so many opportunities to market themselves these days that it’s hard to choose where to start or expand. At the same time, budgets are tight and in most business plans, doing it all can be impossible. So, how does one choose what to do?

The first factor in deciding how to deploy a comprehensive marketing plan is to take a rational look at the business you are in. For many businesses, the train has already left the station… your prospective customers are actively searching for what it is you offer on the internet. For other businesses, it’s still the good ole days for the good old school ways of marketing. You have to find the mix that’s right for your situation.

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