Why Small Business Can’t Afford to Market on the Internet

For the sake of argument, lets say you could actually hire a competent internet marketer to help your business be prominent on the internet in your market for $40,000 a year. As a business owner, you know the actual cost of that new employee will be closer to $55k. The problem with this scenario is that these people are nearly impossible to come by; half techy, half marketer. If you do find one, how long will they stay with that talent? Then what?

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Blogging is Not a Quick Fix!

There is a natural progression in web marketing. We call it “holistic internet marketing.” At first blush, yes, it sounds cliché. If not followed specifically, with commitment, patience and focus that’s all it would be too!

Blogging can be a major component of a holistic internet marketing strategy. Blogging can also be done for other purposes as well. But if you are going to go to the trouble of blogging on a business web site for whatever reason, you might as well do it with SEO being the paramount goal supporting any other reason you might have.

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Literalization is Here to Stay… For Now.

According to all the dictionaries now found on line, Literalization is a noun form of the word Literalize. Mr Webster says: The act of literalizing; reduction to a literal meaning…

That’s all fine and well. But I would like to update the meaning to include: The act of writing prose that search engine robots can read, interpret (correctly) and index (properly). Now, I don’t purport to be some alien brainiac. But a little over fifteen years ago (whew) I had a giant “aha moment” that has served me well all these years. That was and continues to be; the role of writing for web sites must include the ability to conceptualize how a robot discerns what it is we are saying!

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Business Blogging Tips

Blogging is enjoying a resurgence in popularity now that it is the darling of SEO strategies. And that’s just it. An SEO strategy “Aint worth a hill of beans” without a plan. Businesses have a hard time allocating staff time for blogging and there generally is some wide-spread fear of publishing written words! Even if you do farm out the writing, you are going to need to be helping the writer write about your business to be sure. Even at a minimum, some regular involvement is going to be necessary.

We do a lot of blog editing around here as well as client coaching. The primary challenge is creating a focus for blogging in a direction that will help the SEO effort. It’s so easy and inevitable to fall out of focus. From these efforts, I’ve developed the following checklist to help stay on the SEO success path:
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The More Things Change…

Yea, you know the rest of that coined phrase… But let me get to the point. As we march towards 20 years of the internet it’s easy to point at the remarkable changes shaping the way we use this resource. For us in the SEO trenches, perhaps the biggest difference between then and now is the shear magnitude of competition. Back then 1 in 100 websites might have a form of SEO that helped the search engines deliver relevant results. Now its probably 1 in 10. Nowadays, you can’t tinker at it and you need to seriously employ a variety of strategies.

Fifteen years ago it was very hard to find a firm that could build a web site in what we call a search engine friendly way. Today, more programmers are sensitive to the short comings of a search engine spider and are capable of building to the specifications of a set of search goals layed out before them. But that doesn’t guarantee your next web site will be a search engine friendly site unless you have an “advocate” consultant making sure. We work with a variety of very large and sophisticated web development companies as well as small shops all around the country. When we tell them what we want, the answer 99% of the time is, oh sure we can do it like that. You have to understand that there are limitless ways to have a page display. But only some of them work well with search engines.

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