Building Your Internet Marketing Plan

Once you have built your initial website and optimized it for best results it’s time to put your internet marketing plan into place. For many businesses, an initial internet marketing plan has to be funded from the general marketing and advertising budget. This can be very painful at first. Satisfactory results achieved in the first year will allow your new sales channel to become self sufficient in time.

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RightNow Communications Reporting Features

Reporting Features Available To You Now

Did You Know? The RightNow Communications Suite of Reporting Tools Includes:

Online Access – Log in 24/7 to review your campaign.

iOS App – Apple users can load our Reporting App on their iPhone, iPad, or iTouch and receive key metrics in real time.

Social Media Stats – Visitor and conversion tracking and statistics from your FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Email Campaign Integration – Select email systems can deliver mailing results directly to our reporting system such as delivery rates, open rates, and click-thrus.

Media Monitoring – Our clipping and alert service can watch for online mentions of your business or domain name and collect them in an easy to read report.

Competition Spy – Automatically keep an eye on key competitors.

International Results – The search engines serve different results in each part of the world. If your product or service targets foreign soil we can report on specific regional results.

History – A complete progress and results history for each search term is available online.

BaseCamp Integration – The popular project management tool BaseCamp is now an integrated piece of the reporting pie

New Online Reporting for RightNow Clients

SEO Reporting

SEO Reporting Update

We have added an enhancement to our regular monthly SEO reporting. In addition to receiving your regular keyword progress report, keyword trending, SEO campaign history, and PPC reports – you will now have the ability to log-in to our reporting module. This gives you live access to your current campaign metrics, is integrated with your Google Analytics, and allows you to sort your progress by variables like keyword volume, grouping, and popularity. There are new research tools that you can use to look at your linking campaign, social media progress, and print or download SEO reports.

You will receive information on how to use this system over the next few weeks. If you are interested in getting access sooner please give us a call or send an email. Thanks for your continued support!

The crew at RightNow Communications