Website Redesign and SEO Considerations

Not too long ago the prospect of conducting a website redesign would get your “SEO guy” excited – and not in a good way. In the past, websites could lose a huge percentage of their traffic, search equity, backlinks, and directory placements due to a new website being launched. This can still happen, but only if you don’t have an SEO plan in place prior to pulling the trigger on that new site.

Today, it’s possible to move domains, hosts, and platforms all on the same day, and retain most of your traffic and search engine results. Its really not [Read more…]

Dropped From Google Completely

It is every business owners worst nightmare – you wake up one morning and your website has vanished from Google. This was the plight of one frantic website owner we encountered recently. The site owner was convinced that something his SEO company had done caused his website to receive a Google penalty. His site was gone from Google… completely. You could not find the site by searching for the brand name or url. Any pages that were still indexed were not performing for any keyword search, and the cached versions were old. Diving into the crawl stats confirmed that Google not crawling the website – flat-lined. [Read more…]

How Fast is Your Website? Does it Matter? Test it!

How Fast is Your WebsiteDoes the amount of time it takes your web site to load have an effect on your Google Search Results? As with all things “Google” the answer is Yes, No and Maybe all at the same time!

YES – Adwords: Website load times have a direct impact on placement and cost for Adwords Pay-Per-Click advertising. Google states that Landing Page load speeds “will begin to impact your landing page quality and, therefore, your Quality Score.” This means that slow pages will pay more. Read more here –

NO – Organic Results: As of this writing Google does not currently penalize sites with poor load times unless the site “times out” and the Googlebot Spider can not access your sites content and interior pages.

MAYBE – The Future: Its safe to speculate that in the (very near) future Google will be adding a “load time” calculation to its organic results ranking algorithm. It really makes sense when you think about it – slow sites create a poor user experience. Google Search Results are one of the primary products they deliver to customers, so why serve up a frustrating slowpoke. If your slow, your gonna go!

How fast is slow? A reliable source has indicated that your site should load in less than 4 seconds according to this tool –

What can you do if your site is dragging its feet? There are a number of elements that determine the speed your site is rendered. Hosting and servers, site structure, graphic design and on-page scripting all contribute to your sites delivery speed.

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