Teens Aren’t Buying It

We have been reading, with interest, lately, about teens abandoning Facebook for other social media networks. Apparently, when Mom friends you, the place just isn’t cool anymore. Nor is it, when Fig Newtons want to know, what’s up!

This must be devastating for marketers looking to tap into that market. But for us and the majority of our clients, it’s quite all right! The market for our clients is adults who have money to spend. Our clients are the proverbial “needle in the haystack.” Every fan and follower gained could be our next customer, or at the very least, a new voice extolling our virtues!

It turns out, kids don’t like all the business poking and prodding that has shown up at FB. In a recent study by The Beans Group, 91% of students do not want to use Facebook to make online purchase and 39% are not interested in talking to companies. They are here for entertainment and to chat with their friends. Young people are drifting away to places like Tumblr, Foursquare and Pinterest.

Adults on the other hand have been flocking to Facebook for the last few years. One source put 93% of adults using the internet also have a FB account! 67% of B2C businesses and 41% of B2B companies that use Facebook report some form of success on the channel. It is estimated that by 2015, brands will be generating 50% of their web sales through social media and mobile platforms! Of the 850 million FB users, 30% of them check in more than once a day.

What excites us the most here at RightNow, is how we can shape a clients audience to reflect their ideal customer. If we keep on this path, in a few years, we expect our clients to reap the rewards that this medium holds. We are in our fourth year helping about a dozen of them achieve this momentum. In nearly all cases it is a collaborative effort. We ensure a steady stream of new followers and fans, as well as a consistent posting pace. The clients provide much of the content, for the most part, pictures and videos as well as important announcements. It’s a system that appears to be working well with all clients enjoying steady growth and more engagement with every passing month.

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