Creating a Video for Your Business


If you plan on filming this yourself; By following these tips you will create a video file that has clear video and audio qualities.

  • Write scripted talking points to follow.
  • Create the highest quality video file possible by shooting in HD.
  • Position the camera so that the speaker fills the frame.
  • Use a tripod to position the camera.
  • Be aware of the background and avoid distracting elements.
  • Shoot in a location that has no background noise or ambient sound.
  • Use an external microphone if possible.
  • Avoid harsh lighting such as sunlight, or lighting that shines directly into the subjects face.
  • Shoot several takes of every video.
  • Target time for video is under 3 minutes.


The goal here is to convert your raw video file into a file that you can upload.

  • Export the video file to your computer in the largest file format possible.
  • Consider inserting a simple opening and closing frame that provides you business or practice name, your name, city, state, website and phone number.

Export / Conversion:

  • Save the file in the largest HD format possible. The most common size configuration is 1280×720 resolution or 1080p. Apple users will want to save the file as a .MOV and Windows users will save as MPEG or WMV


  • To get good quality video and audio online you must follow the previous steps. There is no way to increase the quality during upload.
  • Don’t place the video in a “private” folder or password protect.
  • Upload your video to at least two sources. and are recommended. Follow the “SEO Magic” guidelines while uploading.

SEO Magic:

The primary goal is to get your video to perform in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This optimization technique will target both client conversion and brand search. The secondary goal is to generate performance from within the video network, ie Youtube users searching from inside the YouTube network.

The actual creation and content of the video has very little to do with how well it performs in the search engines. The creation of the meta data dictates how your video will perform in search.

  • Video Title – enter a video title that includes your primary Search Term + City + State + Brand.
  • Example Title: Search Term – Business Name, City, State
  • Video Description – enter a video description that includes your Website URL + Search Term + City + State + Brand + at least 4 sentences of descriptive text.
  • Example Description: – Business Name, City, State: Learn about Search Term lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam mauris lacus, scelerisque ultricies tincidunt at, tempus eget erat. Cras sodales etc.
  • Tags: Select Tags that describe the content of your video.
  • Categories – select a category that best describes your video.

To increase the chances that you video will be found in the search engines you can take steps to help boost your video.

Place links to your video in the following places.

  • Place on your website or blog
  • On your Facebook page
  • Tweet it
  • Put on your Google+ page
  • Include in a LinkedIn update
  • Insert into your Press Releases
  • Add to your email or newsletter blasts
  • Create a video sitemap and add all of your videos

RightNow clients enjoy the benefit of having all of their videos professionally optimized for the search engines as part of the Off-Page SEO Campaign.

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