What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been!

In 1973, Chris was a young man, making his initial way in the world as a student at the University of Montana and the Manager of a local ski shop. He got the chance to go to the big ski show in Las Vegas. And thus began a long run in an industry that has also been very much a part of his life.

Fast forward to 2013, forty, f-o-r-t-y years later and Chris will be attending the SIA show which has now moved to Denver. Back in 1973 he was buying hard goods for the rental shop. This led to a fairly long gig in Sun Valley as a hard goods buyer for Sturtevants Ski shop there. That was followed by a number of various attempts at selling things at the show and ultimately as squire to an aging ski area owner. All of this happened long before there was an internet. Chris chocked up 19 attendances at that SIA show!

He will be returning this year, more as an observer and as part of the attendance of The Gathering which is a side-show conference that deals with ski town travel. Chris says, “it feels good to finally get the twenty notch in the belt.” But, he’s pretty sure familiar faces will be far and few since its been over ten years since he’s been to a ski industry gathering.

With an internet marketing business that includes about 50% ski industry clients the timing is right this year to attend, meet, nosh and extoll. So, RNC will be in the house 1/31-2/2/13.

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