B2B Manufacturer : Advertising

SEO for B2B Manufacturer of Outdoor Advertising Products, Signage, LED Signs
SEO Case Study: Signtronix Sign Company, Torrance California

Search Engine Marketing Project Highlights

Search Engine Optimization : Increased organic traffic over 500% since 2007.
Search Engine Marketing : Target marketing to increase sales leads and employment.
Reputation Management : Worked to raise BBB rating to “A” and address negative reviews.
Brand SEO : Targeted brand and product keywords for coverage in search.
Content Development : Created additional channels & landing pages to expand keyword coverage.
Video Marketing : Optimization of video in off-site channels for keyword performance.
Social Media : Development of SMM channels, consulting and coaching.
Website Structure : Create SEO friendly structure and architecture.
Link Building : Created strong portfolio of back-link to deliver traffic and search results.

About This Client: For over 50 years, Signtronix has been at the leading edge of small business advertising, helping them grow and succeed by bringing customers in their doors. Over half a million small business owners owe at least part of their success to the combination of science and art that makes up a Signtronix sign.

You’ve seen them. You’ve seen them many times. If the sign has caught your eye, made you notice a business or turn around to go in, chances are better than even that you did so because of a Signtronix sign. Why does it matter? Because no other company knows as much about what it takes to get customers in your door. All that traffic driving by, if they’re not buying from you, they’re spending that money with your competitor.

The single most valuable investment you can make in advertising is not a newspaper ad, or even a website. It’s a lighted Signtronix sign in your window, over your door, or out at the front of your business, at the street. Nothing else comes close.

If you want more business, more customers, more money, you want a new Signtronix sign. Don’t worry about how you’re going to pay for it, or hold yourself back by thinking you can’t afford it. If you’ve got a viable business opportunity, Signtronix will help you get it. Find out what half a million small business owners all across the nation know. Find out what works. Have a look at the site, then call Signtronix today.