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Visit Sun Valley, Ketchum and Sun Valley Travel Planner

About Sun Valley: Sun Valley, in Ketchum, Idaho, is one of the most unusual, eclectic mountain communities in the country. The mountains are extraordinary, the feel rich, European, and yet laid back. Sun Valley is far removed from the commercialization of those famous Colorado ski destinations. Really, there’s no comparison, and Sun Valley wants to keep it that way.

Lodgings are whatever you need, from world-class luxury to a kid-friendly hotel with a pool, to chalet rentals for a group of friends. Dining and shopping are likewise an eclectic experience. There are over 100 restaurants transporting your tastebuds to all manner of international destinations. Or you can just get the kids something to eat and get back to your room.

Fashion-conscious shoppers will be just as delighted as bargain hunters. Eclectic. Whatever you want, whatever you’re after, it’s there — and in ways you may never have expected. Discovering the possibilities is part of the fun and charm of Sun Valley.

Entertainment? You’re kidding, right? You’d just about expect that Sun Valley invented it! From the world-famous Sun Valley Film Festival, to the symphony, to local bands that make you wonder when their next release comes out, there’s plenty to take in.

The list of unusual activities is extensive and eclectic too. There’s world-class skiing and snowboarding, of course. But did you know there are hot spring pools, helicopter rides, and golf courses as well? Check out the Bucket List on the website. Summer, winter, and just about any time in between, Sun Valley is an absolute delight!