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Phil and Tropic Fundraising Adventure

About: Phil and Tropic’s is a company of do-gooders that helps nonprofits and causes do fundraising. Founded by Robin Roller, an entrepreneur with over 30 successful years’ experience at local, national and international levels, Phil and Tropic combines that experience with a technology team that is second to none. With access to over 300 capable, affordable, diverse and motivated programmers, Phil and Tropic is able to bring cutting edge technology to fundraising and cause awareness, making it the #1 marketing platform in the world!

The two mascots, cartoon characters Phil and Tropic, invite people to join them on a fundraising adventure. Phil and Tropic are all about FUNdraising! Their motto is “Little things make BIG things happen,” and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

With these two ’toons, one can adopt a park, school, a team, just about any place one can think of! Visitors can help support ecological and conservation concerns, military families, children’s causes… There’s really no limit to the ways in which this innovative approach can help promote your nonprofit or cause.

Got a pet project you’d like to help out? Running a charity that could use a boost? Promoting an important cause, like energy conservation? A school or group of children in need? Whatever your grassroots project, get ahold of this dynamic duo. Let them help you get big things done!