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R1Soft / Idera

About: R1Soft offers Continual Data Protection (CDP) Backup for Cloud, Physical and Virtualized servers. The preferred solution for information professionals, R1Soft’s backup solutions work with both Windows and Linux. Their user-friendly web-based interface provides continuous data protection, open file backups, and bare-metal disaster recovery — all at very affordable prices.

What exactly does Continual Data Protection mean? In a nutshell, it means that every single file on your system is backed up the first time. From then on, only that which is changed needs to be sent to the backup, making it a VERY fast operation that poses nearly no burden on your server. No matter what happens, from a hardware failure, to a power outage, or even a catastrophic loss from a natural disaster, your data can be safe and secure. Because you’re saving only the changes, doing backups as frequently as every half hour is no problem!

David Wartell originally founded R1Soft based on concepts he developed back in 1997, while still a computer engineering student and web hosting provider. Most backup systems were (and continue to be) unreliable or complicated. David’s vision was that of a simple, concise, accurate and reliable backup that would maintain protection in minutes, rather than hours. R1Soft’s CDP does exactly that, making for a hassle-free, trouble free data protection solution.