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SailTime – North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia

About: SailTime is an innovative new way to provide aspiring (and retiring) captains with the opportunity to take the helm of a beautiful, well-equipped, modern sail or power boat — anywhere in the world!

Starting back in 2001, George Bonelli realized that people needed a way to make boating easier and more affordable. The first boat was purchased with his own savings, and he tested his idea out on Lake Travis, in Austin, Texas. In nearly no time, the idea took off; 30 SailTime bases opened in North America within the first three years! Now in its 11th year, SailTime has more than 50 bases and 160 boats on three continents. You can find SailTime locations in the UK, Italy, France, Turkey, Australia, Canada, and of course, in the US as well.

What’s behind it all? The SailTime concept is one that allows you to have fractal ownership of the vessel. A professional management team maintains the vessel, so all you have to do is show up and go sailing! When you’re done, hand the vessel back over to the local independent owner/operator and you’re done! No brightwork, no washing, no painting. With SailTime, you spend less money to get a lot more quality time out on the water with family and friends.