SEO Approach and Philosophy

For over ten years our driving philosophy has been and remains focused on giving the search engines what they want and how they want it. From the very beginning, we felt the search engines needed to be treated as partners and not adversaries. Through the years many tricks and strategies have been designed to fool the search engines. While sites with that type of philosophy may in fact enjoy a temporary gain, it hardly ever lasts. Instead, we strive to provide best practices designed to help and encourage the search engines to read, index and rank our clients sites properly. We believe that if we are able to do all these things properly we will be awarded good positions for our clients and this has proven to be true for a diverse catalogue of clients we have served since 1997.

Even as the web became a much more commercial opportunity than the utopian pioneers foresaw, it’s core is based on their philosophy to enable global information development, retrieval and discussion. These things are core to the success of a web site which today, stems far beyond every day search engine optimization. Our mission is to provide affordable consulting to businesses wanting to attract visitors to their web site from within the community of the world wide web.

We invite you to join us as we do our part in making the web the best it can be ! Quality services, priced fairly is what you can count on from us.