Blogging for SEO

Optimize Your Blog for Search
Build Additional Traffic by Correctly Formatting Your Onsite Blog

Why Blog?

Word on the street is that BLOG stands for Better Listing On Google! Content is still king on the net, and one of the most powerful and affordable methods of creating relevant information is by adding a blog to your website.

“What is a blog?” is one of the most frequent questions that we receive. A modern blog is a complete software package that can be installed on your web site, in most cases very easily. It provides a complete system that allows you to add and organize content to your site, and then publish it to the web.

Most people can master the basics of blogging with 15 minutes of training. The most popular blog software platforms are free (yes free!) And can be easily modified by your web developer to match the look and feel of your existing web site.

Here are the top reasons you should add a blog to your website:

  • Control – you can add content to your website whenever you feel like it. New products, services, local information, recognize employees or customers, industry news and events, just to mention a few.
  • Cost – it is not practical to have your web development company add a few sentences to text to your website.
  • Content – updated content is a proven strategy to achieving better search engine rankings. A blog can even inform the search engines that new information has been added to your web site.
  • Communication – can you think of a better way to communicate with your customers than getting the “news” directly from the source? No lag time = no stale content.
  • Customers! Blogging done correctly (with an eye toward SEO) will add relevant pages to the search engines creating a larger inventory of search terms that your site performs for.