Content Development

Content Development Services
The Deployment of a Web Site is Just The Beginning to a Successful Online Endeavor!

Content remains the primary communication vehicle between your online presence and Internet searchers. Tremendous advancements have been made in multimedia web integration to deliver your message rapidly and concisely, but getting visitors to your media rich page requires the written word. Content IS still king.

As part of our Internet marketing solutions, RightNow Communication offers a complete and comprehensive suite of copywriting and content creation services. Creative text development combines with search engine optimization that is targeted directly at your audience will drive more traffic toward your site.

Writing for the Internet is niche, placement, and audience specific. Optimization techniques, understanding the parameters of the target location, and integration of conversion triggers must be considered for each content placement.

  • Web Page Content Creation: On-Page text is critical to both the SEO goals and visitor retention. Our website content creation service will create 300 to 500 words of targeted and optimized original text written specifically for your site.
  • Article Development: Article content can be utilized on your web site, or for off-site article marketing campaigns. Our article creation service delivers 500 to 600 words of topic specific original text with an eye toward keyword targets and anchor text link placement. Original variation (non-duplicate rewrites) with varied anchor text link patterns can be created for marketing and blog campaigns.
  • SEO Copy: Often webpages can benefit from the insertion of short keyword-rich targeted copy. Category, product, profile, listing, and e-commerce sites often suffer from large amounts of (copy and paste) duplicate content. Our SEO copywriting service analyzes your content needs and implements a solution to get your pages on the correct path. Data input directly into your CMS or shopping cart admin can be provided.
  • Blog Posting: A regular schedule of posting relevant original content into your blog is a proven tactic for getting better search engine results. Our blog content creation and posting service provides a turn-key solution to populate or compliment your blogging.
  • Micro Blogging: Expanding micro-communication channels such as Twitter can be a tremendous platform for gaining visitors and brand recognition. The challenge is delivering content and responding to the fast paced exchanges that take place in these environments. Our micro-blogging service combines content creation with actual placement to provide a complete solution. Reporting, analytics and channel creation can be provided. This is offered as a turn-key solution on a monthly basis.
  • PPC Landing Page Copy: The relevance of the copy on your Pay Per Click landing pages can have a direct impact on your cost per click. Search engine quality guidelines are applied to your landing pages to match the page with the search term you are bidding on. Pages that miss the mark end up being assessed a higher cost per click, or even excluded. Our Landing Page creation copywriting service will groom your existing copy, or develop 300+ words of new copy matched to your specific PPC goals.
  • PPC Ad Copy: Pay Per Click ad copy can be as important as your actual bid placement. Click rate, spend waste, and conversion are driven by just a few words. In Google for example, you only have 95 characters to deliver your message. Our PPC copywriter has been creating micro-ad copy since 1998 (the days!) When the concept was first introduced, before there was such a thing as Google AdWords!

Content is not an optional element if you want your site to be successful. If you don’t have the access to an experienced copywriter, we are more than happy to quote a fair price and propose a plan to implement SEO content development for your web site, blog, or social network.

Costs range from 8¢ to 50¢ per word for content development services depending on subject, research, and placement considerations. Ad and sales copywriting prices are by proposal only.