Local Search (LOC)

Local Search Strategies
Position Your Business to Score in Local Search

Location-aware web searching is growing exponentially, and will continue to progress over the next few years. Ignoring local search could prove to be a costly mistake for certain segments of business. It’s going to become increasingly better, more relevant and more important. The same people that were questioning whether to “start a web site” in the late 90’s are now questioning whether there’s ‘anything to local search’ Today.

One of the most basic goals for websites that services multiple locations is to get all of those locations onto web friendly pages with the correct SEO applied. Adding the correct content to your local/geo pages will generate highly targeted searches, driving more people toward your conversion method.

Traffic that comes from local search converts differently than traditional visitors. Local searchers are looking for something specific, an excellent buying signal! The challenge is that these visitors are less likely to purchase something they cant consume immediately. For many service related businesses it is necessary to create a compelling local search presence that collects leads and RFQ’s.

RightNow Communications can assist by working with your web development team to create the correct landing pages for natural local search, and geo-targeted pay-per-click campaigns.