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Search Engine Optimization is as much an intuitive “art” as it is science. Success comes to those who learn from each previous process and continually refine the craft of giving the search engines what they want ! We have been helping clients achieve high rankings since 1997 with a great level of success. This happens because we don’t treat SEO as a one-time marketing event. It is a process. Search engine marketing is a partnership between the web site owner and the consulting organization. It takes flexibility on both sides as well as trust and patience.

Great things happen for companies willing to commit to a consistent approach to creating a web presence on the search engines.

The Process: No two web sites are alike. Which makes it hard to generalize on what we do for clients. Every client relationship begins with a consultation to see how we can help. If we can, a customized proposal is created which outlines our strategy. All initial strategies are six months in length, giving sufficient time for the strategies to take effect.

Together, we determine the best possible search terms to target. After analyzing your pages content opportunities will be found and exhaustive research pinpoints the search terms that people actually type into the search boxes every day. Research of sites already scoring high for the list of target terms provides further insights.

We then add content pages or content to existing pages along with customized optimization designed to feed the search engines with a variety of popular terms to index.

Once the html work is done and the pages are published, we submit your site to the most popular search engines and directories.

Tracking and Reporting:  About a month after the initial submissions occur, you begin to receive regular monthly reports that track the progress of the effort.

Maintenance:  It’s important to protect your initial SEO investment by continuing with a search engine marketing maintenance plan. These vary according to budget. At a minimum, maintenance includes monthly tracking, reporting and resubmitting as neccesary. More aggressive plans include the building of additional content pages, deep submitting to specialized directories and linking campaigns. Most of our clients have been with us for many years which demonstrates the value of what we offer.

Cost:  Our initial WebPresence Package generally starts at $1800. Large and complex projects begin around $5000+ and require a full year contract. Maintenance plans begin as low as $100 a month.

Free Initial Consultation Take advantage of our free offer to analyze your situation and make a no-obligation customized proposal. Contact us now !