Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Position Your Brand in Social Media Channels

The social networks of the Internet have emerged as important gathering places for people you are looking to connect with. Every business has a reason to participate in these networks and it is important to do this correctly. Our work for you in the social networks revolve around creating and developing a home for your brand. It is important to manage your brand on these networks and in many instances, participation on various networks provides a way to protect your reputation on the web.

Some social networks are for every client we encounter while others are more specialized to specific industries. New social opportunities emerge all the time.

  • Protect your Brand name by establishing your presence on the major Social Networks.
  • Develop traffic from the creation of targeted business pages.
  • Monitor opinion exchanges and developing market trends that could have an impact on your market and brand.
  • Cultivate new relationships and customers from the growing demographic of social network users.
  • Establish your niche within the vertical market you compete in.
  • Specifically, Google+ is integrating their social network with their search

We also offer turn-key social media management or we can be a team member for your social media efforts. The big key to making social media work for your business is to be engaged in the day to day activities. With our turn-key services, you don’t have to worry about or do anything! We take care of it all. As team members of your social media effort, maybe you like to take photos and videos of the comings and goings at your business. Thats great! We can help prepare it for publishing and/or handle the publishing side. Together, we can make a plan that serves your internet visitors and allows you to do as much or as little as you wish, day to day.

Social Network Advertising

You can also elect to participate in advertising and pay per click opportunities in the emerging social networks. This strategy can provide added visibility and drive traffic to a specific offer, sale or coupon. Each social network has its own form of advertising which we can prepare and deploy for you in much the same manner as we do with traditional pay per click (PPC) campaigns. Read more about social media advertising opportunities!