Video Marketing

Video and Multi-Media Optimization
Video Can Deliver Additional Traffic and Educated Customers to Your Site

Video is a wonderful content enhancement tool to any web document. Many web visitors prefer to click and watch instead of sit and read. The growth of video, and video delivery web sites has skyrocketed.

The challenge for web site owners is how to integrate video into their marketing program without losing traction in the search engines. Media delivery technology has grown faster than web search indexing methods, leaving video, media, and elements like Flash to languish in organic search. Search engines still rely primarily on text elements to sort the web.

The search engines have started including relevant videos in its natural search engine results as a way to give searchers a variety of results. There is a correct method to optimizing your video for keywords and keyterms that will lead the web searcher back to your website, and supplement your search engine results.

Combine SEO with video to leverage your market and watch your traffic grow!

Video Located on Your Website

Does your website have video as an integral part of your web design? On-site video should be considered a web document enhancement, not content replacement! Getting pages that contain video to perform in natural search is similar to optimizing any other web page.

Search Engine Optimization – We use proven search engine friendly techniques to describe your on-site video pages. This is done in a way that search engines understand, and more importantly, using the terms that web searchers enter into the search box to find what they are looking for.

Linking – success in the search engine results for your on-site videos requires proper linking. Our method of video linking addresses both intra-site link structure and inbound link development from off-site relevant sources. In competitive search markets front page results will never be achieved without applying the correct link building strategy.

YouTube and Video Sharing Sites

Off-site video delivery sites like YouTube and Google Video can be harnessed to supplement your natural search engine results, or target terms that your website wont perform for. This can be a powerful tactic in organic search – imagine having a video listing appear on the front page of Google (in addition to your web site) for your target key search terms!

The optimization process starts prior to uploading the video. Traditional SEO methods are applied to the video contextual fields during the upload process. After your video resides on the video server, we use proven off-page SEO connectivity methods to make your video pop in search.