Website Assessment

Take Stock of Your Web Presence
All Projects Begin With Analysis, Research and Assessment of the Current Situation

Any internet marketing plan needs to start at the beginning with a current situational analysis. It provides clues into how you should proceed. Search engine visibility provides the basis for a good web presence. We like to think about search engine rankings this way: The site that is in the first position has earned a 100% grade. What does your website score ? Due to many challenges, perhaps the current web site is only capable of attaining an 80% grade. Will that be good enough to compete or should a new design that allows us to reach closer to 100% be planned? This is the type of assessment that must be made before a work plan can be started.

Search Term Analysis If you don’t know what people type into the search engines when looking for the types of things you offer, this is the best place to start. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do this research, we can do it for you. While we usually perform this as part of a complete package, we have had several clients hire us just to do this research. You’d be surprised how often we find new targeted search terms for clients, niether of us thought of before doing this analysis. The best public portal for gaining this intelligence is Wordtracker who offers a Free trial for their sophisticated and powerful service.

Current Search Engine Visibility Once you have established the best terms your site should be found under, it’s time to find out if you can be found there. Type your terms into various search engines and scan the results pages for your site. The most coveted positions are found on the first three pages. People are patient enough for about three pages. Then they move on to another search engine. Many companies have us run a ranking report for them as a service which is also included in our maintenance plans post Web Presence package.

  • While you are at each portal check to see if your site is listed at all by typing your URL into the search box if you don’t find it at all in the first 3-5 pages.
  • At most portals you may also be able to see what sites link to you. Having sites link to yours extends your presence greatly.
  • Finally, while at each portal, study the first ten listings found. What are they doing to become so highly rated? Who are they? What do you offer that sets you apart from them? When finished, you will have a very good idea of the challenges to be overcome in a web presence project. We do all of this research for you when preparing to optimize your site in our Web Presence package.We do not offer a,b, or c independent of our packaged services.

Web Site Analysis Now is a good time to analyze the current state of your web site. If having a high position on the search engines is important to you then it is imperative that your site be search engine friendly. A search engine friendly web site is one that is easily crawled by a search engine spyder – a robot application that travels the web in search of content it has not yet found and revalidating content it has found before. Besides being search engine friendly now is a good time to check that the site is easy for humans to use and interact with. Is it important to get a web site to make the visitor do something make a sale or gain a prospect? Does your site do this? Does everything work in the process? Usability is a huge issue in the web experience. It makes no sense to bring visitors to the site if we are not ready to handle them professionaly. It may make sense to have a complete site makeover or redesign at the same time. We work with an extended team of professionals capable of doing whatever you need to have done as one cohesive project.