Social Media Advertising

Social media has matured to a great extent in the past few years to offer a variety of advertising opportunities for small businesses. While Facebook is the king, your business may also derive benefits from advertising on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. We can help you navigate all of it with a program that fits your budget and is designed to get the most bang for your buck!

Facebook has created an excellent advertising platform and system where you can target a number of strategies. Perhaps, most importantly, Facebook is able to deliver highly targeted visitors based on all the demographic tracking it does as a matter of course in their business. Face book covers a broad range of age demographics but tends to contain consumers older than Instagram and Snapchat. of Here are just a few ways you can advertise on Facebook

  • Create large audience on Facebook
  • Get more people to see your content on Facebook
  • Get Facebook visitors to visit your web site
  • Retarget visitors to your website on Facebook

Instagram is owned by Facebook and the Instagram advertising platform is actually a part of the Facebook advertising platform. By doing this, Facebook can deliver highly targeted advertising to the Instagram world because they share much the same database of demographics. It is an excellent medium to talk to 25-40 year olds in particular.

Snapchat is where youth is congregating. This video oriented social media is the darling of 18-30 year olds. It is estimated that over 60% of American 18-25 years olds is on Snapchat and that every given day 40% of the 18-25 YO population goes to Snapchat to consume content. It is an excellent medium to tell your business story, offer deals and announce events.

When combined with paid search advertising, social media advertising can be an important impression making medium and for some businesses, can affect direct sales dramatically. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities and how we can help you with them.